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You can finally remove negative Amazon reviews without black hat tactics, risking your brand, or jeopardizing your account

TraceFuse uses cutting-edge, AI-driven software to analyze and identify negative reviews eligible for removal

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After years of research and development, our team has created a powerful three-pillar system that delivers unmatched results in removing negative Amazon reviews.



We harness big data’s power to illuminate the platform and analyze review velocity for anomalies signaling marketplace abuse. Our massive database has 100M+ reviews and leaves bad actors zero places to hide.



Our paradigm-shifting approach asks what would be in Amazon’s best interest to remove negative reviews. After analyzing 10,000+ case files, we discovered the most effective strategies.



Our specialists meticulously pinpoint, submit, and track each instance of non-compliant reviews on your behalf. By consistently executing this process, we’ve unraveled the intricacies of these complex systems.

Benefits of Removing Negative Reviews From Products

Removing negative reviews from products
  • Higher Click-Through-Rates
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Increase in Sales
  • Lower ACoS & Increased ROAS
  • Better Placements for Sponsored Products
  • Increased “Searchability” and Organic Ranking for Your Branded Products

How It Works


We pull your product reviews and tell you how many of them have 1, 2, & 3 stars.


Determine which of your ASINs have the highest certainty of review removal that violate Amazon’s TOS.


Start filing cases on your behalf within the first 3 days to get your brand back on top.

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“The TraceFuse team is fantastic. I’ve worked with them for several months and couldn’t be happier with their service.”
Bruce Turner
8-figure Amazon seller
5 star rating
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“Impressive expertise. They have an answer for every CRAZY AMAZON PROBLEM, and they’re always quick to help.”
Laura Rick
Amazon seller
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“They’ve helped us with urgent account problems and without the nonsense we see from other service providers. I’d recommend them across the board!”
Logan Riccio
Amazon seller

Why Partner with Us

years of combined Amazon seller experience

negative product reviews removed in last 30 days.

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Hire Us to remove Negative Reviews from your Amazon Account


Get Your Negative Amazon Reviews Removed

We use Amazon’s policies to safeguard your listings and get your nasty reviews taken down fast.

You’ll get a curated list of all your product reviews with URLs.

We’ll examine your 1, 2, & 3-star reviews and pinpoint those deemed “critical” that have the highest certainty of removal because they violate Amazon’s Community Guidelines.

The only account access we’ll need is “Manage Cases” and then we file them on your behalf to boost your Credibility Score.

Our team has a combined 30+ years of Amazon seller experience so you’re in good hands.

This service is exclusive to TraceFuse — nobody else can do what we do. 

We’re 100% compliant with Amazon’s TOS because we built our software using their community guidelines.

Get your negative Amazon reviews removed and improve your seller’s rank now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Removing negative product reviews is challenging and isn’t something you can easily do yourself. But if you do nothing, they’ll continue to damage your sales, reputation, and seller’s rank. You can trust our service to provide a safe, compliant, and legal method of removing negative reviews from your listings.

The minimum amount of critical (one-three star) reviews required is 500. This minimum is on a merchant-level basis. A seller can choose any ASINs they would like listed against any brand. The minimum pertains to the number of negative reviews from the products in a seller account.

No. Our team provides the only 100% white hat, compliant negative Amazon review removal service.

Amazon does not allow for any automation of any type on its platform. We file all cases manually. A secondary user provided “Manage Your Cases” only is needed to file cases and interact with the proper teams.

The cost per review removed is $250. You only pay after a review is removed. There are no upfront costs.

We audit your ASINs to spot negative reviews eligible for removal. Our team looks for patterns with a clear indication of marketplace abuse. Once found, we file cases with Amazon until they’re deleted from your listing.

Definitely not! You can trust our team to work within a rigid system that follows Amazon’s Terms of Service. Your account will benefit from working with us.

We assist with negative product reviews.

While difficult to estimate depending on your product’s category, we’ve successfully removed anywhere from 8% to 13% of your total negative reviews. But, we can’t determine how many negative reviews your ASIN requires to reach a particular star rating.