Maximize sales on amazon with effective customer reviews and ratings

Customer reviews and ratings are crucial in enhancing a brand’s reputation and driving business growth.

Let’s consider this data. A Bizrate Insights survey indicated that at least 91% of shoppers read at least one product review before buying a product or service. Similarly, some 60% say the number of reviews a business has influenced their decision to buy.

That tells us two things:

  • Get as many reviews as possible for your products.
  • Work on getting more positive reviews over negative reviews.

The Power of Social Proof

This reliance on reviews to make decisions is a phenomenon called social proof, wherein people follow the lead of others when choosing their actions.

Customers read reviews to see what others think of the product or service they’re considering purchasing, then inform their decision with the feedback of those other buyers.

Modern consumers rely on reviews to make informed purchasing decisions.

When it comes to this social proof, there are six basic types:

  • The word of experts
  • The word of celebrities
  • The word of users
  • The word of friends
  • The wisdom of the crowd (social media)
  • Certifications

You can use any of these to your advantage, but the one with the most influence on us as Amazon sellers is “the word of users.”

That’s your customer reviews.

Managing your product reviews, therefore, becomes an essential way to maximize sales.

Building Trust and Credibility

Positive reviews create a favorable first impression for potential customers.

The word of your users can become a self-reinforcing truth, a sort of flywheel of opinion that gains momentum with each new review. Positive reviews build trust and credibility in your product and your brand.

The same can be true for negative sentiment. Similarly, a cascading effect can happen with negative reviews.

The authenticity of reviews is key. Potential buyers are looking for honesty and transparency in customer feedback.

How can you encourage genuine reviews?

A few ways:

  • Use Amazon’s “Request a Review” button
  • Join Amazon’s Vine program
  • Request reviews after Customer Service Team interactions

Lastly, getting genuine reviews comes down to delivering an exceptional product and service. Customers respond to this and will say so in their feedback.

That, in turn, drives the positive flywheel.

Genuine reviews come from satisfied customers who appreciate your efforts.

SEO Benefits

That positive flywheel yields other effects. Reviews are crucial in optimizing your listings, showing up for shoppers looking for products like yours.

By that, customer reviews can boost your listing ranking by providing fresh, user-generated content.

Because reviews contain words real customers use to describe their experiences, they become genuine and relatable, which prospective shoppers can identify with.

The presence of these words in your listing helps improve search engine visibility.

PRO TIP: You can mine these keywords or language patterns and use them in your product ads and product descriptions.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Another positive effect:


Again, what your customers are saying in reviews is a reflection of what they think and what they want.

That information is gold.

Reviews provide valuable feedback for improving your products and services.

Additionally, they give you insight into their issues and provide guidance when dealing with their dissatisfaction and complaints.

Knowing how others are thinking helps point you toward solutions.

And that is yet another opportunity to build upon the positive by responding to customers. Doing so shows that you value your customers, leading to increased engagement, enhanced customer experience, brand loyalty, and sales.

Once again, we’re adding energy to that positive flywheel.

It’s beneficial how these things build up positively.

Competitive Advantage

Having a high volume of reviews can set you apart from competitors. Customers not only look at star ratings, but they also consider the number of reviews. Overall, review volume is an indication of product popularity.

Lots of reviews = Lots of people bought this product

Even if the star rating is a bit less, the high number of reviews can tilt the buying decision in your favor.

Building your review count, therefore, is a great way to leverage that competitive advantage.

Handling Negative Reviews

What about negative reviews?

They’re lumped into the overall rating count, meaning a negative review, on its own, helps drive the perception of product popularity.

After all, the higher the review count, the more people bought it, right?

While that part is correct and influences customer perception, the balance of negative and positive reviews is vital. The display of authentic negative reviews is natural and acceptable in the Amazon ecosystem.

The absence of negative reviews, or having too few, raises suspicions from shoppers. Despite the value of their presence on your listings, you still need to deal with them.

Which means doing two things:

  • Removing the negative reviews that shouldn’t be there
  • Handling the ones that should

How It’s Done

When customers have a legitimate complaint, handle it. To start, respond to every legitimate negative review. Demonstrate professionalism and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

This way, negative reviews can be used constructively to improve your business.

Believe it or not, customers greatly appreciate it when they find a seller who responds to negative reviews.

We dedicated a recent blog article to responding to negative reviews.

If the review is bogus, violates community standards, or is otherwise illegit, you want to remove it.

There are ways to do this.

We here at TraceFuse are the experts on negative review removal, using proven methods that do that.

Watch this 6-minute video to see how:

By responding to customers and removing negative reviews that shouldn’t be there, you build the strength of your review profile.

The Key to Reviews and Ratings

Whether your store is online or a brick-and-mortar, reviews greatly influence product sales.

Though these principles apply broadly, we focus on online retailers, specifically Amazon sellers.

The key to maximizing your customer reviews includes the following:

  • Encourage customers to leave a review
  • Actively review your reviews, looking for insight
  • Use keywords found in customer reviews
  • Respond to reviews – both negative and positive
  • Demonstrate professionalism in all customer engagements
  • Handle negative reviews
  • Remove bogus and illegitimate negative reviews

Doing the above will boost your brand’s reputation.

We can help you directly with at least one item in that list — removing bogus and harmful (and unfair) negative reviews.

Watch our 6-minute video explaining how we do this:

It’s guaranteed to highlight how the process works, what you can do, and how we can help.

Maximizing sales on Amazon starts with effectively managing customer reviews. Reviews are not some nebulous thing over which you have no control.

How you handle your customer reviews is very much within your control. It just takes a little understanding, less time and energy, and the help of a good service like TraceFuse to be your guide.

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