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E-com engine partner spotlight

E-Com Engine Partner Spotlight

TraceFuse featured on E-Com Engine’s partner spotlight: With the only available white hat negative review removal service in the industry, TraceFuse combines decades of Amazon experience and advanced machine learning to identify, report, and remove abusive negative product reviews. Its services, designed for high-volume sellers and aggregators, provide clients with all the tools needed to deflect competitor attacks.

2 Sellers and Microphone Podcast

TraceFuse founder Shane Barker discusses how to remove negative reviews with Kris and Dustin on the 2 Sellers and a Microphone Podcast, brought to you by Sellozo. In this podcast episode, Shane Barker shares his expertise on effectively managing your brand’s reputation by removing negative reviews from product listings.

2 sellers and microphone podcast
Unmiss podcast

UNmiss Podcast

Shane Barker discusses How to Increase Sales on Amazon with Anatolii Ulitovskyi on the podcast. Shane and Anatolii delve into the power of leveraging a variety of strategies and tools to drive higher sales. Their practical tips and expert advice provide valuable guidance for both established sellers and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to thrive in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Legends Podcast

Shane Barker and Nick Uresin of ArgoMetrix discuss the only TOS compliant method to remove negative reviews on the Amazon Legends Podcast, Episode #225. Shane and Nick discuss the practical strategies businesses can employ to remove negative reviews effectively, while emphasizing the importance of maintaining transparency and integrity within the Amazon ecosystem.

Amazon legends podcast
The smartest amazon seller

The Smartest Amazon Seller

Positive ratings and reviews on Amazon can greatly influence consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. High ratings and positive reviews serve as social proof – building trust and credibility for your product or brand. However, there are some fraudulent practices out there that will keep attacking your business with fake feedback.

How do you protect your product or brand from this? And more importantly, how do you properly file cases and take down fake negative reviews the white hat way?

Sellernomics Podcast: Optimizing Amazon Reviews: White-Hat Techniques

TraceFuse founder Shane Barker sits down with Rob Stanley and Lisa Kinskey to discuss how our technology manages to remove negative reviews with a 100% white-hat method. Join them as they explore our service and take a tour of the dashboard to see just what our users are so excited about.

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