Amazon success tips: how to get verified reviews on amazon

Are you looking to learn how to get verified reviews on Amazon? As an online seller, having positive reviews and ratings is essential for driving sales. Verified customer reviews can be a powerful asset for sellers looking to increase their marketplace visibility and credibility. 

In this blog post, we will discuss understanding Amazon verified reviews, how to get verified reviews on Amazon, strategies for generating more verified reviews without violating their terms of service, tips for writing effective review requests, and best practices for maintaining positive ratings and reviews on Amazon.

Get ready to learn how to get verified customer feedback that boosts your product’s reputation.

Understanding Amazon Verified Reviews

As a seller, verified reviews can be a powerful tool in your Amazon sales journey, providing social proof of your reputation on the platform. There are many benefits to having verified reviews — gaining valuable feedback from real customers, building trust among potential buyers, improving listing ranking, and increasing sales. 

Amazon also loves verified reviews; their authenticity adds to its marketplace reputation — a good reason for other prospective shoppers to flock to its marketplace.

But what exactly are verified reviews?

Verified reviews are customer-generated comments that have been confirmed as authentic by Amazon. Authentic means:

  • The review is from a buyer who has spent a minimum of $50 on Amazon.
  • The buyer bought the product from the seller at a price similar to other customers.
  • The review indicates a genuine product experience.
  • The reviewer received the product in the Amazon Vine program.

Aside from the mentioned benefits, verified purchase reviews provide invaluable insights that help guide your product’s future growth and improvements.

Strategies for Generating More Verified Reviews

It is not always easy to get reviews on Amazon, and that’s a hard truth. The average seller-to-review ratio is 1%, yet you should aim for 5% to 15% or 5 to 15 reviews for every 100 completed transactions. This may sound easy but customers don’t feel compelled to leave a review with just an A-ok experience, but would if they are extremely happy or disappointed with the product. 

So, how do you get more verified Amazon reviews?

Play By The Book

Before I give you the strategies, let me first give you the low-down on Amazon’s rules about soliciting reviews.

Amazon is stringent about its review policies. They have set guidelines that sellers and buyers must adhere to avoid committing any form of review manipulation on the platform. There are restrictions on the methods you can use, so make sure you know what is allowed and what isn’t in your quest to get reviews. Familiarize yourself with their policies before taking any action or risk your account from being banned or terminated.

Here are just some of the review policies of Amazon that you should know about:

  • Don’t solicit reviews only from customers who’ve had good product experiences.
  • Don’t incentivize customers (in any form) to give reviews like free products, huge discount coupons, or a full refund.
  • Don’t commission fake review peddlers to game the system.
  • Comply with the communication guidelines to ensure your correspondence does not contain suggestive language to leave a review.

And more . . .

Leverage Existing Customers

Your best source of verified reviews is your customers. That said, make it a point to monitor if your completed transactions came with a review. If there is none, contact your customers to solicit their feedback. Surprisingly, in a study by Brightlocal, they found out that customers expect brands to reach out to them to ask for a review. So, be proactive and include review solicitation as a crucial part of your post-sales process.

Use Email Marketing

Although Amazon emails the customer on your behalf to solicit feedback, you should still send a follow-up email. But be wary about sending multiple emails as doing so is spammy and violates Amazon’s ToS.

Avoid using the “if/ then” language that suggests leaving only positive reviews if they are satisfied with your product. For example: “If you find our product satisfactory to your liking, then please leave a review.”

Again, this is against the communication guidelines and indicates a review manipulation. Instead, deliver your message in a neutral tone to show that you welcome any feedback they have.

For example: “Your feedback is important to us. It will help us improve our product, making it more satisfying to you and other shoppers.” 

Here are a few tips for writing effective review requests:

  • Wait a few days after the customer receives the order before you request a review. Allow them time to try your product so they can give a more detailed review.
  • Personalize your email. Nothing makes the customer feel better about receiving emails than seeing their names.
  • Write in a pleasant tone. This will encourage customers to be likewise pleasant during your communication.
  • Thank the customer for their purchase or ask for an apology if an issue occurs with their purchase.
  • Deliver a message that demonstrates your commitment to excellent customer service.
  • Keep it short and sweet.

Show Your Appreciation Through Product Inserts

It’s always fun to receive creative and well-designed product inserts. Their being flashy makes you want to read them. Your customers feel the same, so utilize product inserts to connect with them a little more to:

  • Thank them for buying your product.
  • Offer a discount code on their next purchase as a token of appreciation.
  • Tell a short back story of your company or product.
  • Request a review to help you improve your product and services.

Utilizing inserts is a great way to prompt them to leave a review without demanding it.

Join The Amazon Vine Program

If you’ve got a good product but are struggling to request a review from customers, considering joining the Amazon Vine Program is a good strategy. 

The reviewers in the Vine Program are Amazon customers (Voices). They will receive free products in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This means that Amazon does not have control over how the voices will write their reviews. Regardless, your product will receive one. 

The Vine Program is an invitation-only program and Amazon carefully selects the buyers participating in it to be fair to the sellers subjecting their products to review.

To join the Vine Program, you must meet certain criteria, including having a professional selling account, enrolling in Amazon’s brand registry, and having enough product inventory.   

Sell High-Quality Products

Hands down, selling high-quality products is the most effective way to generate verified (and positive) reviews. If you’ve delighted your customers with your product, they will not think twice about leaving you a good review to return the favor.

Fact is, 56% of customers would leave a review if the product is excellent. It means, you no longer have to go through the trouble of requesting a review. 

Inversely, keep in mind that if your product is frustratingly substandard, your customers will be just as fast to write you a negative review — at least 41% of them.

If you get a negative review, immediately resolve the issue with the customer. If it’s a damaging review, your best bet is to commission the help of a negative review removal service

Never allow a negative review to linger on your listings, or it will defeat the purpose of your strategies in requesting reviews.

Key Takeaway: Verified reviews are key to Amazon success (aim for 5-15%), but follow Amazon’s strict guidelines to avoid trouble. Leverage email marketing, product inserts, and the Vine Program to politely request reviews. Ultimately, high-quality products naturally generate more positive feedback.

FAQs: How To Get Verified Reviews On Amazon

How Do I Get a Verified Review?

Leverage your customer to request a review. If you’ve sold them a quality product, responding to you by writing a review would come naturally.

How Can I Manipulate a Review On Amazon?

Manipulating reviews on Amazon is prohibited under their terms of service. If you attempt to do so, you risk losing your business on the platform or facing criminal charges with the Federal Trade Commission.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it is essential for Amazon for you to understand how to get verified reviews on Amazon and their importance to your listings. Take advantage of the strategies mentioned above to help positively increase your ratings. With enough verified reviews vouching for your product’s credibility, you will reap the benefits of better sales performance and a good seller reputation on the marketplace.

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