How amazon negative review removal can help you grow your brand

They say that as an Amazon seller, you should be treating negative reviews as free market research. In a way, yes — honest and constructive reviews provide you insights to customer sentiments about your products. Reading between the lines will tell you what they think a good product should be. Hence, giving you an opportunity to look for ways to improve your products or stop offering them altogether . 

When these negative reviews combine with your positive reviews in a listing, then you’ve got a good and balanced representation of your customer’s product experience. Shoppers seeing a lot of negative reviews would easily turn them off, but seeing all positive reviews would also likely feel “fake” to them. So, a healthy combination of negative and positive reviews in your listings is a big help for them in managing their own expectations. 

In this post, we’ll discuss how important it is to always keep an eye on the nature of negative reviews you receive from your customers. As a seller, you need to take an active role in managing your negative reviews and understand that review removal is crucial to your Amazon business and your seller reputation.

What is Amazon Negative Review Removal And Why is It Important

Unfortunately, the majority of negative reviews you receive on Amazon aren’t like the ones I just described earlier. Some negative reviews are derogatory, bordering on personal attacks. But the really bad ones are given by fake buyers or competitors with unethical practices to hurt or worse, destroy your brand. 

Their hallmark sign? A clear violation of Amazon’s terms of service (TOS).

But thanks to Amazon’s commitment to safeguard the marketplace for its 310 million users, they will remove these non-compliant reviews. Working behind the scenes, they actively monitor reviews that go out there and see if they violate their community guidelines. When they see one just in time for posting, then it’s potentially deleted from the backend and would no longer appear on your listing.

But what if these reviews got past Amazon’s scrutiny and made it to your listing? Then they stay there forever unless your customer voluntarily removes them. Negative reviews prominently displayed on your listings will affect your buyer’s confidence in your product, your seller ranking, and eventually your sales — unless you act fast and file a case to Amazon for review removal.

Weird as it sounds but natural human behavior tends to lean toward negativity bias. A study by Colorado State University College of Business indicated that even well-informed customers about your product can still be influenced by a negative review than positive ones.

This means even your loyal or repeat buyers aren’t immune to feeling wary upon seeing negative reviews on your listings. Despite their full knowledge about your business and quality of product, their mindset can still be swayed, avoiding purchase altogether.

If this is the impact of negative review to your patrons, then imagine how much more it is affecting your prospective buyers? That’s why it’s crucial to clean up your listings from negative reviews.

The Different Ways of Managing or Removing Amazon Negative Review 

It’s daunting to actively manage your negative reviews, especially when you should be focusing on the more important matters of your business like product promotion to drive in more sales. If you’ve got multiple products in your Amazon shop, managing each one of them will deplete your resources and time. 

Still, you need to spare some time to do regular listing cleanup of negative reviews and file a case to Amazon as soon as possible. 

Here are ways you can manage negative reviews.

Doing It Manually

Manual review removal involves manually going through each review and determining if it is eligible for removal. Manually examining reviews can be a lengthy task, yet it is more precise than automated approaches since you’re able to make critical analysis of the review’s context.

Using Automated Tools

By automating your review removal, you would need to use third party software that uses algorithms that scan reviews and identify those that need to be removed. The tool notifies you the moment you receive neutral or negative reviews, so you can act on them quickly by either contacting your customer to address the complaint or file a case to Amazon. Likewise, some of these tools feature easy access to Amazon Support in reporting a review for removal.

Working With Reputation Management Services

Reputation management services specialize in helping Amazon business owners protect their brands online by monitoring customer feedback and removing negative reviews when necessary. 

They typically offer comprehensive packages that include everything from tracking customer sentiment to responding directly to customers who leave negative comments about your products or services. Think of it as your support system in managing your customer reviews so you don’t have to. However when it comes to negative review removal, they would just most likely provide you with a report on which reviews you can file on Amazon, but you would still have to file it  yourself.

A different and unique approach to reputation management service is one that uses AI to track your negative reviews, collect the hard evidence of non-compliance, and actually file the cases to Amazon and persevere until your negative reviews are removed. This method completely takes the burden of negative review management off your shoulders and ensures a success rate that gets you back in your ecomm game. 

To select the most suitable Amazon feedback removal service for your needs, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the various types of services available. You also need to know if their processes are 100% Amazon TOS-compliant to avoid the risk of account suspension or termination.

Key Takeaway:  Negative reviews are the workings of marketplace users that intend to hurt your brand and affect your sales. You need to take all the necessary steps and commission the help of reputation management services to protect your brand on Amazon.

How To Choose The Right Amazon Review Removal Service

Before deciding to choose the right Amazon review removal service, you first need to determine a few things about your business:

  • What are your overall needs and goals?
  • What types of negative reviews do you want to remove?
  • Are you successfully managing negative reviews on your own, or is it consuming too much of your time and depleting your resources?
  • What is the true value of removing negative reviews for your business to determine your willingness to invest?

Once you’ve got your answers, you can now assess and compare Amazon review removal services using some of these qualifiers:

  • How long have they been providing review removal service?
  • What is their company’s track record and reputation?
  • What is their success rate?
  • Is their methodology 100% Amazon TOS-compliant?
  • Is their process easy to understand and use?
  • Can they provide you with testimonies of satisfied customers?
  • Are their service packages and fee structures clear with no disclaimers and hidden cost?
  • Does their service provide warranty?
  • Do they provide other services to help build your Amazon brand?

Navigating the process of Amazon review removal can be difficult, that’s why enlisting a suitable service provider could make a significant impact on safeguarding and expanding your brand. So choose the best one that suits your needs.

FAQs Related To Amazon Negative Review Removal

Why Would Amazon Remove a Review

Amazon will remove a review if it violates its terms of service, such as containing profanity or promoting an unrelated product. They will also remove a review if it contains false information, deemed to be malicious, intends to harm the seller’s reputation, or violate Amazon’s policies regarding customer privacy and intellectual property rights. If Amazon sees reviews that appear to be fraudulent, they will also remove them.

Can an Author Remove an Amazon Review

Customers that leave a review on your listings have the option to remove their review within 60 days after it was posted. However, Amazon’s TOS prohibits you from asking them to remove their review. Whether you have addressed their complaints or not, it is entirely up to them to remove their review. 

On the contrary, if the review is a clear violation of Amazon’s TOS, then Amazon may be able to catch it and remove it. Otherwise, you can file a case with Amazon and cite the review’s violation so they can remove it.

Can Amazon Ban You For Leaving Reviews

No, Amazon does not ban users for leaving reviews. But they do act against any user who leaves an inaccurate or misleading review that violates their policies. A verified product review is one that is given by a customer who has actually purchased the product (at least $50 worth) on the marketplace. By Amazon’s standards, a review must be genuine and honest, and focuses on the product.

Amazon reserves the right to remove a review that violates its community guidelines such as those containing profanity or personal attacks among others.

Final Thoughts

If you’re new to filing cases on Amazon to request negative review removal, you will soon realize that it is not an easy feat. Commissioning the help of Amazon review removal services would be the best thing you can do for your business. 

However, don’t be in a hurry to choose just any service — take your time to do your research and see all the service options available for you. In choosing the right solutions provider, pick the one that aligns with your overall needs and goals, is able to help you in your unique situation, and ensures a successful outcome.

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