Expert tips: how to remove 1-star reviews on amazon

The importance of customer reviews on Amazon businesses cannot be overstated, they set the expectations for customer experience — encouraging them to transact or not. At least half of buyers who come to visit your store trust the reviews they read to make an educated decision about buying. So, if your listings show a pattern of positive reviews, then you can expect them to convert more sales. 

However, the opposite is true of negative reviews plastered all over your listings. You can expect 94% of customers that visit your listings to avoid making a purchase. That said, not cleaning up your listings will tank your sales fast or worse, put you out of business. Managing negatives therefore, should be one of your topmost priorities to ensure success.

This post will discuss the kinds of negative reviews that you should look out for and can request from Amazon for their removal, such as 1- star reviews with offensive remarks. We’ll also touch on the subjects of the characteristics of non-compliant reviews, the steps to delete them on your product page, strategies you can consider to combat negative reviews buildup, and ways to mitigate them.

Understanding Negative Reviews On Amazon

Firstly, try not to confuse yourself between negative product reviews or negative store feedback, because while both are customer reviews, they are not the same.

Product reviews are insights into customers’ experience with your product. They guide prospective customers in making informed purchase decisions.

Seller or store feedback on the other hand talks more about your performance as a seller. 

When customers leave you either a negative product review or store feedback, they do that in the form of a text comment or a 1-star or 2-star rating with comments. 

Amazon professionals will tell you that not all negative reviews are bad. Most of them are honest, providing the best customer insights that you can take advantage of to improve your product or service. 

Still, honest negative reviews can have a significant impact on sales and account health. If they don’t show signs of violation of Amazon’s community guidelines, you can’t request their removal. 

So, to reverse their effects on your listings, address any complaints immediately and work towards a resolution as soon as possible. If you do this right, your customers might just edit their reviews in your favor or delete them altogether.

Pro Tip: You’ve got 60 days to deal with a negative review with a customer in hopes that they would alter their reviews. After this time, their reviews stay on your listings indefinitely.

Non-Compliant Amazon Negative Reviews

The damaging kinds of negative reviews that you should keep an eye on are the ones Amazon considers non-compliant. They often have malicious intent to harm your brand.

What are some of their characteristics?

  • they are comments about your seller service when it should be about the product or vice versa
  • they describe a different product than the one they actually bought
  • the reviews lack context as they came from a “template” comment
  • they include profanity, vulgarity, or harassing languages
  • they contain several unnecessary characters  
  • the comments are a personal attack rather than an honest product review or seller feedback
  • they include a promotional link 
  • they appear bogus

And more . . . 

Contacting the customers who left reviews like these may not be a good use of your time as they already show potential for removal. So you are better off reporting them to Amazon instead.

Key Takeaway: Understanding negative reviews enables sellers to deal with them properly. If it’s a valid complaint about a product or service, then connecting with the customer will likely make them remove the negative review. If the review is a violation of Amazon community guidelines, then it must be reported immediately and a case filed for its removal.

How To Report Review Violations And Request Negative Review Removal

As a seller, you should know how to remove negative reviews on Amazon like clockwork. Knowing how to do it will help you act quickly against them. 

Here are the steps when requesting Amazon to remove a negative product review:

  1. Go to your product listing and scroll the page down to the Reviews section.
  2. Look for reviews that violate Amazon’s community guidelines.
  3. Click the Report Abuse right beneath the review. This will send a report to Amazon about the abusive review.
  4. Support your report by sending an email to Amazon using this email add: [email protected]
  5. In the email, include a link to the review or attach proof of the violation.

Here are the steps when requesting Amazon to remove a negative seller feedback:

  1. In the seller central, go to the main menu dropdown located at the upper left corner.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select Performance, and then over to Feedback. You’ll be taken to a page where you can see all your seller feedback.
  3. Use the filter at the top of the page to show only the negative feedback.
  4. Read through the comments and look for the violations, like talking about the product instead of your seller service.
  5. When you’re definite about the review violation, go to the action dropdown section at the right side of the review.
  6. Click the Request Removal. 
  7. A pop-up page will open asking you to confirm and describe the review’s violation. Select the one that applies to the violation.  

A Better Strategy In Removing Negative Reviews

Thanks to Amazon, they have equipped sellers like you to report review violations easily on your seller dashboard. But if we are to be honest, this is where you’ll experience one of the most challenging aspects of removing negative reviews. 

The reason is that doing this task on your own requires rigid back and forth with Amazon. Because of their bandwidth going through thousands of reports, it’s unlikely that you’d be successful in your review removal request on the first try. 

Yet your time and energy are limited too, so focusing only on this part of your business is time away from other important matters.

At this point, a good business strategy is to consider the help of professional service providers with a proven track record of successfully removing negative reviews on Amazon. They have the tech methodology of analyzing your ASINs of critical reviews with a high probability of removal. 

But not just negative reviews; they also spot fake reviews that intend to damage your brand and seller reputation. 

They likewise take care of filing cases on Amazon and escalate them to different departments when the initial try is unsuccessful. With such a time-tested Amazon-compliant process, you can trust them to deliver a high success rate of negative review removal.

Reasons Why Customers Leave Negative Reviews 

There are myriad reasons why your customer would leave a negative review. As a seller, you take responsibility for these complaints as they are within your control.

If you’re serious about making a success out of your Amazon business, you need to take a hard look at what’s causing these bad reviews.

Negative product reviews:

  • poor-quality product
  • inaccurate product descriptions
    misleading product information, such as claiming about what the product can do
  • seller-buyer miscommunication

Negative seller or store feedback:

  • seller is unresponsive to buyer inquiries
  • slow shipping times
  • shipped the wrong product or damaged product
  • poor customer service

While it’s painful to receive negative reviews, the thing to know is that you can take proactive steps to improve your customer’s buying experience and avoid receiving negative reviews.

  • only sell high-quality products
  • hire a good copywriter to create a good and accurate product content
  • use only the best images that show the product’s details
  • adopt a good and clear customer communication system
  • adopt a fool-proof order fulfillment system
  • be quick to deal with negative feedback and ensure satisfactory resolution during this customer touchpoint

Analyzing your negative reviews is crucial to protecting and growing your brand on Amazon while tackling them ensures that your customers have a favorable experience with your store.

Key Takeaway: The common reasons for negative reviews are within the seller’s control. By seriously analyzing the customer reviews, sellers can develop ways to improve either their products or services, avoiding receiving negative reviews as a result.

FAQs: How To Remove Negative Review On Amazon

How Do I Remove a Negative Review On Amazon

It can be difficult to erase a 1-star Amazon rating, but it is achievable. First, analyze the review to see if it violates Amazon’s community guidelines, then utilize the Report Abuse feature to alert Amazon to the issue.

If it is an honest negative review with no violation, then tackle that by contacting your customer and resolving the issue. If you get yourself in their good graces, they just might reverse their negative review or delete it altogether. 

Lastly, if all else fails you can enlist the help of a professional service provider who specializes in removing bad reviews on Amazon listings – they will have experience navigating through the process quickly and efficiently.

How Many 5-Star Reviews Do I Need To Cancel The The Impact Of a 1-Star Review

A 1-star review will easily pull down your overall positive rating, affecting your product visibility and scaring customers away. It will also put your seller account at risk, potentially losing your business. To offset these impacts and get your brand back on track, you’ll need an average of 15 5-star reviews.

For good measure, analyze the reason for the 1-star rating, whether that is about your product or service, and work on addressing the problem so you don’t end up receiving more poor ratings.

Parting Thoughts

Removing 1-star reviews from your Amazon listings can be a daunting task, but it is critical for you to know how to manage negative reviews to protect and grow your brand in the marketplace. 

Regardless of how difficult it is, with the right tools and help from professional negative review removal services, you can remove negative reviews quickly and effectively to maintain a positive presence on Amazon.

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