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Fake reviews are a growing problem on Amazon, and they can have devastating consequences for sellers. As a seller, it is essential to comprehend what fabricated reviews are, how to identify them, and how you can secure your brand from them.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of fake Amazon reviews in detail – including what Amazon’s policy is, and how you can remove negative product reviews from your listing. With our guidance, you’ll be able to take control of your reputation on the Amazon platform so that buyers trust your products.

What are Fake Reviews?

Fake reviews are false or misleading product reviews posted on the Amazon platform by users who have not purchased the item they are reviewing, often with the intent to manipulate potential buyers’ opinions of a product or brand. Fake reviews can be difficult to spot, since they often appear genuine and contain commonly used phrases. However, there are some tell-tale signs that help you spot fake Amazon reviews, such as unusually high ratings for every aspect of the product, overly promotional language, and generic comments that lack detail.

The impact of fake reviews can be devastating for sellers on Amazon’s marketplace. Fake reviews can be detrimental to sellers, not only affecting their reputation with customers, but also potentially causing lost sales due to misleading information about a product. Additionally, if caught posting fake reviews themselves or buying fake reviews, sellers could face serious penalties from Amazon including the removal of their selling privileges or a permanent block from the platform.

It is critical to comprehend Amazon’s policies and take measures to safeguard your brand from deceptive reviews. Knowing what Amazon’s stance is on fake reviews will help ensure that your business remains protected in the long run.

Key Takeaway: Fake reviews can be a major detriment to sellers on Amazon, as they undermine a brand’s trustworthiness and standing with shoppers. Posting fake reviews could land sellers in hot water with Amazon, potentially leading to suspensions. These fraudulent posts are like a double-edged sword: both damaging for sellers and hard to spot by potential buyers.

What is Amazon’s Policy on Fake Reviews?

Amazon takes a zero-tolerance stance on fake reviews. The company considers any attempt to manipulate customer reviews, including writing or buying fake reviews, as an abuse of its system and a violation of TOS. Amazon’s community team actively monitors the platform for signs of manipulation and regularly removes any suspicious content found.

To report a suspected fake review to Amazon, sellers can use the “Report Abuse” button located next to each customer review. When reporting a review, sellers must provide specific details about why they believe it is fraudulent or in violation of Amazon’s policies. Upon submitting the report, Amazon will look into it and take action if needed.

Sellers should be aware that simply disagreeing with a negative review does not constitute grounds for removal from the site; instead, only reviews that are clearly in violation of Amazon’s policies may be removed after an investigation. If Amazon finds evidence that a reviewer has received compensation for leaving a review or has violated other guidelines set forth by Amazon, then the review may be taken down.

Working with an expert service provider to manage and remove negative reviews can help protect brands, from identifying potential issues early on to responding effectively when needed. This ensures that sellers do not take actions that violate Amazon’s policies while attempting to protect their brand’s reputation.

Amazon has a strict zero-tolerance policy on fake reviews and they take action to enforce it. Sellers should take the initiative to assist Amazon in detecting fake reviews not only on their product listings, but across the whole platform.

Key Takeaway: Amazon takes a hard line on fake reviews, removing any suspicious content found. Working with an experienced service provider can help protect brands from negative product reviews by providing comprehensive support throughout the process.

How Can You Remove Negative Product Reviews from Your Listing?

Removing negative product reviews from your Amazon listing can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are several strategies that sellers can use to identify and remove these reviews.

Identifying fraudulent reviews can be done by recognizing those that have been written with a particular purpose or without first-hand experience. Fake reviews are those that have been created by someone with a biased opinion or who has not actually used the product. These types of reviews often contain overly glowing language, lack any meaningful details about the product, or make sweeping claims about its performance without providing evidence.

They may also include suspicious phrases such as “I received this item for free” or “This was sent to me by [company name].” By recognizing the signs of a fake review, you can take steps to protect your brand from its damaging effects on your reputation and sales.

Amazon takes its policy against fake reviews seriously and will take action if it finds evidence of manipulation or fraud on its platform. To report a potentially false review on Amazon, press “Report Abuse” at the bottom of the page and provide any pertinent evidence (e.g., screenshots). Once reported, Amazon will investigate further and may remove the review if found fraudulent or in violation of their policies.

Managing your brand’s image on Amazon can be challenging, but as a brand owner, you have the ability to take charge. 

Key Takeaway: Removing fake reviews from Amazon listings can be a challenge, but there are several strategies sellers can use to identify and remove them. Reporting suspicious reviews directly on the website is one way of dealing with this issue; alternatively, utilizing third-party services can also help protect your brand.

FAQs: Amazon Fake Reviews

Is Amazon dealing with fake reviews?

Yes, Amazon does deal with fake reviews. It is a common problem for sellers on the platform and one that can significantly impact their brand reputation. Amazon has implemented various policies to help combat this issue, such as requiring verification of customer identity before leaving a review or removing reviews that violate its guidelines. Additionally, third-party tools are available to help identify and remove fraudulent reviews from product listings.

Are fake Amazon reviews illegal?

Yes, fake Amazon reviews are illegal. The FTC has declared that fabricating or altering customer opinions in order to sway a purchase decision is unlawful and falls under deceptive advertising regulations. Additionally, Amazon has its own set of rules regarding reviews that it enforces through its terms of service agreement which prohibits any type of incentivized or manipulated reviews.

Violating these policies can result in serious penalties such as account suspension and fines from both the FTC and Amazon itself.


Fake reviews can be damaging to a seller’s brand. Fortunately, sellers can protect and defend their brands by removing fraudulent reviews from their listings. By doing so, they will not only improve customer satisfaction, but also benefit from increased sales due to improved visibility on the marketplace.

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