Protecting your brand: how to remove bad reviews on amazon

Negative comments on Amazon listings can be a major obstacle for vendors and service providers because they turn off prospective shoppers’ interest to buy. Not only that, poorly rated products with negative comments will pull down their overall seller ranking on the platform, risking their reputation and business.

If you’re a seller in the same predicament, know that employing the correct approaches enables removing negative reviews on your listings successfully. You only need to learn to effectively manage negative feedback to protect your brand and sustain your business. 

In this blog post, we’ll cover what negative reviews are, how to remove bad reviews on Amazon, the proven strategies for removing them quickly and efficiently, and ways to prevent receiving them.

What Are Negative Reviews On Amazon

Negative reviews are unsatisfactory customer feedback describing their poor buying experience of your business. The review could be describing your product (product review) or seller service (seller feedback). Sometimes, they come with just a one or two-star rating without an additional comment.

Negative reviews can significantly affect your sales performance as well as your overall brand reputation if not tackled promptly and effectively. Customers rely heavily on reviews when making purchase decisions, so having too many bad ratings plastered on your listings could scare them away from buying your products or services. 

Additionally, any unresolved issues will remain visible to future customers who view your listings, creating an ongoing challenge for you trying to maintain high seller ratings over time.

Benefits Of Removing Negative Reviews

The benefits of removing negative reviews cannot be over-emphasized because it is one of the best things you could do for your Amazon business. Consider it a preventive health check for your seller account.

By eliminating negative reviews, sellers can improve their brand image and customer satisfaction while boosting sales and profits. Customers, likewise, are likely to buy with confidence if they observe positive opinions instead of unfavorable ones. Study shows that 13% of customers are willing to spend more if your listings show more positive reviews.

Once bad reviews are removed your ASINs regain traction, and you’ll experience the positive ripple effects on your business:

  • overall seller rating increases
  • listed products will have increased visibility 
  • listings convert sales much faster because of increased click-through-rates
  • savings on advertising spend

Key Takeaway: Removing negative reviews on your listings should be considered as a routinary procedure of your Amazon business to ensure that your seller account stays untarnished and your listings free of damaging reviews.

Strategies To Remove Bad Reviews

As an Amazon seller, you should take responsibility for managing negative reviews so they show up less frequently on your listings. There are preventive and defensive measures you can employ, and knowing how to utilize them will help you get rid of bad reviews for good.

Preventive Measures

From the get-go, you can prevent receiving negative reviews by doing these two things: selling high-quality products and providing excellent customer service. Addressing these two areas at the grassroot, is a sure-fire way of avoiding bad reviews.

Customers often rant about being misled by giving bad reviews; to avoid that, ensure you cover all the bases in giving them all they need to know about your product: 

  • providing a clear, honest, and detailed product description
  • using high-quality images that highlight your product’s best features
  • providing disclaimers where appropriate
  • providing money back guarantee

As with your seller performance, improve it by:

  • being highly responsive to buyer inquiries
  • having a solid order fulfillment system in place
  • commissioning vetted shipping vendors
  • quickly responding to customer complaints

Reactive Measures

Staying defensive against negative feedback is part of the game, and you need to take action quickly to stop it from causing damage to your brand and business.

Use Review Management Tools

Using review management tools helps you stay in the loop when new negative reviews come through your listings. This way, you don’t miss responding to them and resolving issues. 

Review management tools are excellent in automating your review monitoring process by alerting you for new reviews, contacting the customer directly on the dashboard, and generating reports to gain insights into your customer reviews. Some tools even provide you quick access to Amazon to report a non-compliant review and request its removal. 

While some of these tools are free, they come with limited features. The best ones with robust features come with a price tag. So, when selecting the right tool, identify your business needs and budget.

Deal With The Customer Complaint

Connecting with customers may not be the seller’s favorite thing to do. However, directly tackling their complaints most likely reverses the situation in your favor. To rid yourself of the anxiety during this touchpoint, avoid being defensive. Instead, demonstrate your sincere intention to provide the best customer experience even if their bad reviews remain. 

Pro Tip: When your finances can afford it, offer a refund. Doing this will calm an angry customer, alter their behavior toward you, and likely edit or remove their negative review. However, remember that asking your customers to delete their reviews in exchange for a refund is prohibited by Amazon.

File a Case On Amazon

If you’re sure that the negative review violates Amazon’s community guidelines, then your ideal action is to report it to Amazon right away and file a case for its removal.

Don’t think twice anymore about connecting with a customer because the chances of them removing the review are nil. The presence of the violation gives that review a higher chance of removal. 

Additionally, when filing a case on Amazon, provide supplemental information on why you think this violates their community guidelines and why they need to remove it. Additional data that serve as evidence makes Amazon make educated decisions much faster.

Commission The Help Of Negative Review Removal Service

The best strategy to remove negative reviews for good is to work with professional negative review removal companies. They take over managing your negative reviews and freeing up your time that is better off spending in other important areas of your business. 

What they do is rid you the burden of:

  • scouring your ASINs of negative reviews and look for the ones with a high probability of removal using a tech-enabled process
  • filing a case on Amazon to request review removal
  • gathering solid data that supports the report
  • escalating the case to other departments and persevering until the reviews are removed

Unlike review management tools, negative review removal professionals are third-party vendors that act as your ally and brand defender. With their time-tested methodology, you can be confident of their high success rate of review removal.

Key Takeaway: Sellers need to be proactive in identifying and addressing negative reviews on Amazon as these can have a serious impact on their sales performance and brand reputation. Using review management tools with automated alerts will help spot early signs of trouble before it escalates further. Commissioning professional negative review removal service will help in doing a better job of eliminating negative reviews.

FAQs: How To Remove Bad Reviews From Amazon

How Do I Remove Negative Reviews On Amazon?

If you’ve identified that the negative review in question violates Amazon’s community guidelines, you can then report it to Amazon by using the “Report Abuse” button directly beneath the review. You may also email the Amazon support team to provide additional information about the violation.

Can Amazon Sellers Delete Bad Reviews?

Amazon has no system in place that enables sellers to delete bad reviews on their listings to avoid any possibility of manipulation. Likewise, only the author of the reviews (customers) have the ability to remove them, but they can do so only within 60 days of posting, otherwise the reviews remain on the listings indefinitely.

Is There A Way To Remove Bad Reviews?

As mentioned in this post, the best way to mitigate the occurrence of negative reviews is to go back to basics — sell high-quality products and provide excellent customer service. 

In the event that you’re listings have already been taken over by negative reviews, follow these steps:

1. Identify the non-compliant reviews and file a case on Amazon for their removal.

2. Respond to honest negative reviews directly with the customer and offer a resolution. If you delight them well enough, they could actually remove their bad reviews.

3. When all else fails, seek the help of a professional negative review removal service to remove those pesky reviews once and for all.

Summing Up

Getting rid of unfavorable reviews that tend to cause harm to your brand on Amazon may seem like a daunting challenge, yet it is an indispensable step to protect and expand your business. Understand that it all starts with preventive measures that take customers seriously by offering the best products with the best customer service.

With careful planning and consideration of other options you can employ, removing negative reviews quickly and efficiently is achievable while helping you protect your reputation as an online seller.

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