No more bad reviews: how to remove negative reviews on amazon

Are you an Amazon seller struggling to protect your brand from negative reviews? It’s time to take control and discover how to remove negative reviews on Amazon. 

Negative reviews can have a devastating impact on your sales, reputation, and customer’s trust – but with the right approach, you can mitigate those effects. Removing negative reviews on Amazon is possible if you know how.

In this blog, I’ll let you in on the top tactics for eliminating unfavorable ratings and comments on Amazon, as well tell you how professional negative removal services can make this daunting task simpler than ever.

What Are Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews are an unfortunate part of the Amazon marketplace; no matter how much you try to avoid them, they will come up on your listings every now and then.

Negative reviews are your customers’ feedback that reflects poorly on your product or service as a seller. If it’s a negative product review, it will have comments about poor quality or inaccurate descriptions. If it’s a negative seller feedback, it can come in a 1-star rating or complaints about your poor service.

But not all negative reviews are bad for your business; at least not these ones that I’ve previously mentioned. If you’re a conscientious Amazon seller, then you could take the valid and authentic negative reviews as constructive criticisms, helping you see what needs improvement in your business.

The other type of negative reviews that appear to be damaging your brand are the ones you should watch out for. Not only are they unfair to you, but they likewise violate Amazon’s community guidelines, hence labeled as “non-compliant” reviews and can be requested for their removal.

Examples of these are reviews that include:

  • personal assaults
  • threatening languages
  • vulgar words
  • bogus allegations
  • promotional links to your competitors 

And more.

Why You Need To Remove Negative Reviews

The damaging effects of negative reviews on your Amazon business cannot be underestimated. The impact depends on the severity and frequency with which they appear in relation to positive reviews for your particular product or that describes you as a seller. 

Generally speaking, even one negative review can significantly reduce sales due to decreased visibility of your product in search results. Even if customers find your products, they are less likely to purchase if your listing shows a pattern of criticisms from other buyers.

From Amazon’s perspective, they hate sellers that ignore or avoid addressing their negative reviews. So, if you are one of these sellers, you will be treated as a nuisance in the marketplace, and Amazon would act stringently against you by pushing your listings down the search results pages, cutting off your seller privileges and eventually banning your seller account.

Negative feedback, therefore, is straight up detrimental to an Amazon merchant’s success, so it is essential to comprehend how to spot and answer them.

Benefits of Removing Negative Reviews

You lose nothing and gain everything when you work on removing negative reviews. True enough that this may not be an easy feat, but removing just one critical review is worth its weight in gold. So, don’t think twice about ignoring those negative reviews hounding your ASINs. 

Benefit: Improved brand reputation

By removing negative reviews, you can restore your customers’ faith in your products or services. It can increase customer loyalty, draw in new customers, and elevate satisfaction levels, thereby strengthening your brand’s reputation.

Benefit: Increased sales and profitability

By removing such reviews, your products will regain their visibility within SERPs, improving their chances of gaining more organic traffic and ultimately driving up sales figures. And when you start rebuilding your seller reputation, you also improve your chances of gaining better placement for sponsored products.

Key Takeaway: Negative reviews can both be allies (authentic negative reviews) or foes (non-compliant reviews) of your Amazon business. You should know their difference so you can use the best tactics in dealing with them to defend and protect your brand.

How To Remove Negative Reviews

The key to successfully removing a negative review is to first determine if it is authentic or non-compliant. 

Reach Out To Customers

As I’ve mentioned earlier, authentic criticisms from your customers can be treated as an opportunity to create a touchpoint with them to show your sincerity in giving them the best customer service. So, at this point you shouldn’t act defensive. Your goal is to delight them with a resolution to their complaint so they are encouraged to either edit or delete their negative review.

If you reverse the angst of dissatisfied customers in your favor, not only do you win them back to your business, but you also turn them into loyal customers.

Likewise, you need to follow some Amazon rules when connecting with your customers to deal with a negative review. Paying no mind to these may be treated as review manipulation and may result in your account suspension or legal actions.

  • Don’t offer incentives (free items, huge discounts, etc) in exchange for a negative review reversal. 
  • Don’t ask or even use suggestive languages to customers to remove their negative review even when you’ve successfully reversed their complaints.

File a Case On Amazon For Fake and Non-compliant Reviews

Hands-down when you’ve identified a non-compliant negative review, you should immediately file a case to Amazon for its removal. You should not only monitor reviews that violate Amazon’s community guidelines but also fake reviews then pull your listings down. 

Fake reviews are also rampant on Amazon; about 43% are so. They hurt your brand as well as the marketplace in general. Fake reviews are the workings of unethical sellers, let’s say your competitors, that want to trample on your listings or brand.

Suspecting a review as fake? Here are the tell-tale signs:

  • It contains unnatural language.
  • It is mostly out of context.
  • The review is about a wrong product.
  • It has a generic tone, like it was copied from a “template”.
  • It contains superfluous words that are unnecessary in describing the product or buying experience.

Once you’re clear about the violation of the reviews then it’s time to contact Amazon. To help them make an educated decision, make sure you support your case with all the evidence of the violation.

Solid data will also make Amazon act fast because they also don’t want those negative or fake reviews hanging around ASINs, because those can cause a taint in their reputation as one of the best ecomm marketplaces. 

Professional Services For Removing Negative Reviews On Amazon

Unfortunately, not all sellers who attempt to remove negative reviews on their own by filing a case on Amazon are successful. 

This endeavor requires solid methodology that:

  • can pinpoint the reviews with high probability of removal 
  • uses time-tested communication templates that contains languages Amazon understands 
  • requires perseverance to escalate the case if need be

While removing negative removes are crucial, no seller has the time and energy to do this rigorous process.

This is where a professional negative review removal service comes in. They can be a valuable tool for sellers like you looking to protect and defend your brand and reclaim your listings on Amazon. Enlisting them can be a game-changer as they take the burden off your hands with their tech-enabled processes and automated systems in filing cases to Amazon on your behalf.

Likewise with their help, removing negative reviews becomes more efficient and successful — you go and provide great customer service by directly tackling them with customers, while they take care of the tough ones and ensure that they are removed. Talk about a one-two punch for listings cleanup!

Key Takeaway: Amazon sellers no longer need to overwhelm themselves in dealing with negative reviews. Professional negative removal services take that pressure completely off their shoulders, enabling them more time to focus on other important aspects of their Amazon business.

FAQs In Relation To How To remove Negative Reviews on Amazon

Can Negative Reviews Be Removed From Amazon?

Yes. Negative reviews are not only detrimental to sellers but also to the marketplace in general — they tarnish both your reputations, affecting your businesses. That is why Amazon is stringent on negative reviews, especially the non-compliant and fake reviews.

How Can a Seller Remove a Negative Review on Amazon?

Sellers can remove negative reviews on Amazon using these 3 key methods:

Method 1 – Contact your customers that gave the negative reviews and address their concerns. Give the best customer care possible to encourage them to remove their negative reviews.

Method 2 – File a case on Amazon for the removal of non-compliant reviews. Be sure to support your request with proof of the violation to expedite the removal process.

Method 3 – Commission the help of a professional negative review removal service that is fully equipped to tackle negative reviews and with high success rates. This is the most practical approach for your business especially if your ASINs are already taken over by negative reviews.

Is There a Way To Remove Bad Reviews?

For as long as the reviews violate Amazon’s community guidelines, it definitely merits removal. Amazon empowers you as a seller to monitor reviews like these and to report and request their removal.

Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, removing negative reviews on Amazon is a critical part of protecting and growing your brand so it’s necessary to know how to remove them on Amazon even on your own. 

The good news is, there is now a professional negative removal service you can tap on when managing negative reviews starts to overwhelm you. With their help, you can ensure that your product listings are free from any damaging feedback or ratings. 

By taking proactive steps to protect your brand and remove negative reviews, you can maintain customer loyalty and ensure that they keep coming back.

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