Solving the mystery: why is my amazon review not showing?

You might ask, “Why is my Amazon review not showing?”. Unraveling Amazon’s review system can be a difficult task, yet this guide offers an in-depth look into how you can get your reviews displayed.

Product reviews, a key element of online retailing, can substantially influence the seller’s image and sales. However, navigating the complex world of customer feedback on Amazon can be challenging for even the most seasoned sellers.

In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into various aspects that answer the question “Why is my Amazon review not showing?” and factors that influence why your Amazon review may not be visible. We’ll discuss topics such as the approval process for reviews, inappropriate content, and account issues that could affect their visibility, along with how incentivized reviews or high review velocity might lead to complications.

Furthermore, we will explore blocked promotional phrasing patterns and how to ensure compliance with platform regulations. To help streamline your efforts in generating authentic feedback while adhering to Amazon policies, we’ll introduce tools like ZonGuru’s Review Automator. Finally,  you’ll learn the best practices for handling negative reviews and seller feedback while understanding the importance of verified purchases in enhancing your overall success on Amazon.

Avoiding Incentivized Reviews

Sellers on Amazon must be conscious of the repercussions that incentivizing reviews can have on their operations. Incentivizing customers to leave positive reviews, such as offering discounts or free products in exchange for a review, is strictly prohibited by Amazon’s guidelines and policies. Doing so could lead to the removal of those reviews, suspension of your account, or even termination from the platform altogether.

To stay compliant with Amazon’s rules while still gathering honest customer feedback about your product, use tools like ZonGuru’s Review Automator, which helps bring in legitimate evaluations without getting you into trouble. This tool allows you to send automated follow-up emails after customer purchase to ask them if they are satisfied with their purchase and would like to leave an honest review about it.

The tool also provides helpful insights into the number of customers that actually responded and left a review out of all those who received the email request. This enables you to track your progress and ensure that all customer feedback is genuine.

Avoiding incentivized reviews is critical for you as an Amazon seller — to protect your brand and maintain a positive reputation in the marketplace. The platform strictly forbids them; when caught, it could cause blocked or removed reviews. To prevent arousing doubt from Amazon when soliciting customers for feedback, ensure all language used is authentic and not promotional (e.g., “We’ll give you 50% off in exchange for positive reviews.”).

Key Takeaway: To remain compliant with Amazon’s guidelines, you should use automated tools like ZonGuru’s Review Automator to solicit genuine customer feedback without offering incentives in exchange. This tool allows you to track your progress and ensures that all the reviews you receive are above board.

Monitoring Your Review Velocity

Maintaining consistent review velocity or the frequent accumulation of new reviews is a crucial factor for Amazon sellers. A questionable increase in your reviews can lead to Amazon limiting their visibility on your product listing. This could have a negative impact on your product ranking and customer value perception.

To avoid this, you should monitor your review velocity regularly and ensure it remains consistent  at any time. Monitoring regularly the number of incoming reviews and their average rating can help  maintain an even review velocity. If you notice any sudden spikes or dips in either metric, take immediate action and address the issue before it affects your overall performance on Amazon’s platform.

Monitoring your review velocity is crucial in maintaining a healthy product ranking on Amazon. By understanding what language can trigger suspicion from Amazon, you can better avoid having reviews blocked and ensure the success of your product listing.

Key Takeaway: Monitoring your review velocity is key to maintaining consistent visibility on Amazon’s platform. Any sudden spikes or dips should be addressed immediately, and incentivized reviews must be avoided as they are strictly forbidden by the regulations. Only verified purchases should count towards rankings.

Handling Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews

It is important for Amazon sellers to understand the difference between seller feedback and product reviews. Seller feedback is a review of the overall experience with you as the seller, while product reviews focus on specific products purchased from you. Product reviews are more influential in terms of rankings than seller feedback, so it’s essential for you to prioritize selling directly from your store pages to ensure compliance with Amazon’s policies and guidelines.

To maximize the impact of verified product reviews, ensure that customers who purchased from your store page get a prompt to leave a review after receiving their item(s). You can do this through automated review requests via ZonGuru’s Review Automator tool or other online services

Additionally, keep in mind that seller feedback ought to remain distinct from product reviews. Only verified purchases should count towards rankings since unverified ones may not accurately reflect the honest customer experiences with your products or services. 

Lastly on this subject, being present on popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can be beneficial for increasing the visibility of your business, urging customers to post positive feedback about your offer.

By understanding the differences between seller feedback and product reviews, you can better protect your brand on Amazon. Likewise, addressing negative reviews professionally is essential to maintaining a positive customer reputation.

Key Takeaway: You should prioritize getting verified product reviews by sending out automated requests, actively engaging on social media, and ensuring velocity review is evenly maintained. Having a verified product review system in place can be advantageous for your business, allowing you to safeguard your reputation on Amazon and gain an advantage over the competition.

Addressing Negative Reviews Professionally

When dealing with unfavorable feedback, there are some essential points to remember.

First and foremost, Amazon sellers should be aware of the appropriate time to flag a negative review for removal. If the review contains offensive language or violates any of Amazon’s policies or guidelines, then it may be worth flagging the issue with Amazon. Additionally, if there are multiple instances of customers leaving unverified reviews or posting fake reviews on your product listings, then this could also warrant further investigation from Amazon and the potential removal of those reviews.

FAQs in Relation to Why is My Amazon Review Not Showing

Why does the Amazon review not appear?

Reviews may not be visible on Amazon for various causes, including being flagged as breaching the platform’s policies or being removed manually. Additionally, the platform filters reviews due to low relevance scores and similarity to other reviews on the same product page.

Finally, some sellers opt-in for certain features that automatically remove negative feedback from appearing on their listings.

How long does it take for my Amazon review to show up?

Reviews submitted to Amazon listings may take up to 24 – 72 hours to appear, depending on  various factors such as the volume of submitted reviews and any technical issues that may be present.

If your review does not appear after 24 hours, please contact the customer service for assistance. Keep in mind that Amazon may remove or alter reviews without warning.

Why are my Amazon reviews taking so long to post?

Amazon reviews take time before they get posted. Reviews need to pass Amazon’s automated filtering process, which could take several hours up to a couple of days. Among the reviews they filter are those that contain personal information or links – which is not allowed. 

Finally, during peak times such as holidays and special events, there may be an increased backlog of reviews awaiting approval that could cause delays in posting your review.

How do I check my Amazon review status?

Checking your Amazon review status is simple. Log on to your Amazon account and go to the ‘Your Account’ page, then select ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’ and click on the Reviews tab to view all of your reviews. You can also use this page to filter reviews by date or rating to identify any negative feedback from customers quickly.


Amazon reviews may not show up right away because a technical issue could have caused it, or Amazon removed it for violating its terms of service. No matter the reason, you should always take the necessary steps to ensure that negative reviews are addressed quickly and appropriately so they do not affect your reputation on the platform.

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